A review of 28 studies on 2,800 patients demonstrated the effectiveness of some nutrients on the quality of sperm. The goal with these nutrients is to increase the number, quality and  the motility of these little conquerors of the much-desired ovum.

Omega 3

Taking essential fatty acids directly influence the quality of sperm in terms of motility, number and also, shape. This means that without a good amount of these fatty acids, the sperm are deformed and do not know how to find the egg.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress from damaging the quality of sperm. It seems that it can promote not only motility, but also the number of sperm.


Zinc is probably the most important mineral for human fertility. A deficiency in this mineral causes a decrease in the secretion of testosterone, a decrease in the quantity of spermatozoa and also, in motility.


Carnitine seems to have an important role to play in the speed of the spermatozoon, by acting on its morphology it allows it to be straighter, better designed therefore more efficient. When there is a carnitine deficiency, we observe an impoverishment of the number


Selenium is a mineral that acts as an antioxidant in sperm, it promotes concentration, motility and also, the morphology of sperm. In addition, selenium is said to have an effect on regulating the production of hormones such as testosterone.

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant not to be overlooked which would seem to improve spermatogenesis, so the number of sperm would seem to increase with vitamin C in addition to improving their motility.

Declining human fertility
When we talk about fertility, we immediately think of the role of women in the conception phase, but we often forget that the role of men is just as important for the health of the future child.

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