A Commitment Rooted in Tradition and Innovation

Since its foundation 40 years ago, Win in Health has been a pioneer in the field of natural health. Our dedication to nature and sustainable health has never waned. Today, we celebrate four decades of achievements, driven by our enduring mission to share with the world the limitless benefits of natural resources to enhance our well-being and that of our planet.

At Win in Health, choosing natural is not just an option—it's a conviction. By opting for our products, you are choosing a company that prioritizes quality, trust, and local support. Our extensive range of Canadian and Québécois natural products not only supports your health; it also encourages a sustainable and environmentally respectful economy.

Discover the "Win Points" System: The More You Participate, The More You Gain!

We are excited to introduce an exciting new feature at Win in Health: our "Win in Points" reward system! Designed to thank our most loyal customers, this program is our way of showing appreciation and rewarding you for every action you take with us.

Rewards for Various Actions

Soon, you will be able to earn points in a variety of ways, beyond just making purchases. Every interaction with our brand, whether in-store or online, will earn you points. Whether you are making purchases, leaving product reviews, or participating in surveys, each action will enrich your experience with Gagné en Santé.

Bonus for Previous Purchases

We haven't forgotten our long-standing customers! If you have previously made purchases with us, get ready to receive points for all your past purchases once the program is active. This is our way of thanking you for your loyalty over the years.

Earn More by Sharing

And that’s not all! With "Win in Points", each time you refer a friend or family member, and they make their first purchase, not only will they benefit from rewards, but you will also receive bonus points. It's the perfect time to share your love for our natural and holistic products.

How It Works

Participating is simple. Create an account on our site, and start accumulating points immediately. You can check your points balance at any time and redeem them for products, exclusive discounts, or special experiences.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the "Win in Points" program, and get ready to turn every interaction into a tangible reward. We look forward to seeing you fully enjoy our community and enriched offerings.