Here are a few bits of advice

After a gruelling day, there's nothing like eating well and sleeping well to get you feeling up and running again for the next day. But, if the tired last for weeks or even months, this is not normal. Do you feel tired when you get out of bed? Are you struggling with your daily tasks? Take the bull by the horns and fight this daily exhaustion. Overwork, overloaded hours, junk food ... the causes of fatigue are numerous. Rest assured, the latter is not inevitable! Here are some tips for effectively fighting fatigue.

What to do to fight against tiredness?

First of all, it is important to find the cause of your tired order to be able to resolve it on an ad hoc basis. Generally, tired can be prevented by getting enough sleep and going to bed at fixed times.

If the fatigue is of psychological origin, it is recommended to do enough physical exercise, three times a week, and to take regular air. Get out of your house and go for a good walk of at least half an hour! The best way to fight tired is to get active and fill up with oxygen.

Also, try to adopt a positive frame of mind. People who lead their lives happily usually feel more fit!

Your fatigue can also be due to a medical problem (thyroid, fibromyalgia…). If you have any doubts about your health, do not wait to consult a healthcare professional.

Dietary advice in case of fatigue

A diet that is too rich and unbalanced can cause a deficit of valuable nutrients for the body. No surprise then: to fight against fatigue, it is essential to adopt a complete and balanced diet.

We forget about quick meals and fast food! We make way for a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably organically grown. Favour foods rich in minerals, vitamins, iron and trace elements. Avoid foods high in fat, overly sweet products, prepared meals and refined foods.

Natural help in case of tired

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Bet on product synergy

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